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Rock The Boat Pictures is a globally serving creative video production company based in London with over ten years in the industry. Our aim is to produce high-quality videos that fit most budgets. We are motivated by our passion and go above and beyond to exceed our clients expectations.

We take pride in our expertise and discipline in filmmaking and artistic expression. Our focus is on creating videos that maximize audience engagement for your brand, business, or organisation. We believe in collaborating with our clients to get the messaging just right to achieve their goals.


At Rock The Boat Pictures, personalized service and exceptional results are at the core of our values. Have a look at some of our work then use this form to either select a service or submit a full brief, then we can get back to you quickly with options and quotes. Our consultation phase is completely fee. We do not charge until you give us the greenlight!


In summary, we are not just a video production company, we are passionate professionals who believe in delivering personalized service and exceptional results. Contact us today to experience the difference!

Who we are
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Our Services

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Creative video Production service

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Post-production only video service

Are you looking to create a product ad campaign or raise your corporate profile? Perhaps you are musician in need of a music video? Our creative video production service is designed to bring your vision to life, or even help you find that vision, from planning to the final cut.

Whether you're a marketing manager, producer, artist or small business owner, we're excited to make take your project on and make it ours. Contact us today via our form, by phone or WhatsApp to get started.

For events such as conferences, conventions, exhibitions, concerts and weddings, our tailored package video production service offers one-off flat rates and customized package options. With more than ten years’ experience, we have perfected our craft and yet we offer highly competitive rates in the UK and abroad. Fill out our form to receive rates and package options based on the duration of the event, location or any additional requirements. Alternatively just give us a call or contact us via WhatsApp.

Looking for a cost-effective solution to keep your clients or customers engaged while preparing for your next fully produced video? Our post-production only service is here to help. With skills in graphics & animation creation, and access to a huge library of high-quality stock footage, voice-over artists, and royalty-free soundtracks, we can create engaging videos to keep your brand top of mind. Contact us today for a speedy quote.

Our video production services are designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to experience the difference!

some of our work
How we work
How we work - Rock The Boat Pictures (

How we work

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We Generate Great Ideas


At Rock The Boat Pictures, we understand the importance of a strong concept for your video project. We will collaborate with you or your creative team to ensure that your video is engaging and on message. Plus, we have an extensive 'ideas bank' locked away just waiting for the right project to come along. This stage is free of any costs or commitment from your end.

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We Craft it


Once we get the green light, the real fun begins! We love every stage of developing your project, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to filming and editing. We revel in the challenges and pressure that are intrinsic to video/filmmaking. With regular updates at each stage of your project, we will always ensure that you feel your baby is in good hands.

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We Deliver


We won't be happy until the final cut of your video puts a smile on your face :) Whether you want to produce a video for the internet, social media, or television broadcast, we will export your video in as many or any digital format you see fit. With tons of space on a Dropbox folder created just for you, your video will be ready for you to download and will remain, for at least a year, as a backup for that added sense of security. We hope that this is a beginning of our adventure with you.

With outstanding outcomes, our video production process is created to realise your vision.
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Our clients

What people say

We met the guys from Rock the Boat Pictures when attending a conference in London last October.

During the conference we had the opportunity to interact and work with Rock the Boat Pictures personnel Oz & Stew over the 2 day span in which our collaboration involved the shooting of an interview to be used for PR and promotional ends.

The prize in getting to work with Oz & Stew is multi-faceted, however in an attempt to break it down while capturing all deserving accolades I can say that they possess all the attributes essential to executing a fun-loving work experience that is successful on all levels.

To name the most prominent the duo are charming in their professionalism, making the subject feel at ease as they expertly elicit the best performance therefrom. Their work ethic is remarkably simply and effective, giving direction while allowing all of the creative flavour of their subject to go undiluted and altogether making them the most endearing crew I have ever worked with to date.

Marilyn Mifsud, LL.D, Advocate, Business & Securities Associate, PKF Malta

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Whether or not you have a clear idea of what you want from a video, feel free to submit a brief using the button below and we will get back to you with a quote, estimate or to further discuss

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