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Our Story

''I much prefer people who rock the boat to people who jump out''
- Orson Welles

We are a London based video production company formed with the idea of bringing the discipline & aesthetics of film-making to video.. A fancy way of saying we are film nerds with backgrounds filmmaking and film language.  


Specialising in high quality video production, we have the ability to work various budgets, large or small, into a package of unquestionable quality.

We can do this not only because of our grounding in film-making & film theory but also because of our drive and passion born out of the infinite opportunity, beauty, energy & inspiration that the moving image brings.

Maintaining our standards in both our method & style is extremely important to us so we do almost everything, from script writing, filming to post production, in-house.  As a consequence we are able to be extremely competitive without compromising on any of these standards.


We operate internationally so we can travel to film your project in almost any part of the planet. In the case of event shoots and only if more cost effective and pragmatic we may decide to use one of our partner companies abroad to send a local camera & sound crew to film on our behalf on our strict & careful direction

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